We at Michele Valenzi recognise that in our new reality we have to be very weary of what impact does our company have on the world we live in. And we are happy to accept that responsibility.

By choosing to work with a made-to-order system using and a handmade production we support and encourage mindfulness in fashion and promote a sustainable wardrobe. Pieces created not to be recycled in a few years, but to keep and care for, and pass on to your successors, keeping alive the knowledge and appreciation for quality and craftsmanship that will never go out of style, or out of use.

We are very proud that this is possible thanks to the fabrics and yarns we select from destinations worldwide, where the welfare of the animals is protected, as well as a trusting relationship with the breeders and suppliers.

‘Michele Valenzi’ is committed to following and spreading the culture of sustainability and ensuring our company’s choices always fall in line with our beliefs and views, operating in harmony with the environment.

Let’s buy less, wear more, and rebuild the narrative of Fashion together.

Timeless piece by timeless piece.