Michele Valenzi is a luxury brand which produces entirely handmade products in Italy, focusing on sustainability as a made-to-order business.

The first time I was impressed by beauty was inside a church: San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome – the city where I grew up. It was a school trip and our teacher did not prepare us for what we were going to see.

From the busy and loud Via Cavour you follow the steps up and find yourself inside this church, peaceful and quiet, strolling among its majesty and towards its depths. That’s where I’ve discovered the Moses of Michelangelo. I still remember the sunlight drawing patterns on the marble. I didn’t know why we came inside this specific church, but I have been immediately attracted to that statue. I was ecstatic.

All the time I walk to that area now with anyone who hasn’t been there, without mention I would lead them up those stairs, go inside and steal glances at them hoping to catch a glimpse of that unique feeling, of that first spark, of that moment when your eyes light up and face becomes soft – the acknowledgment that you are in presence of true beauty.


Surprising people, showing them beauty always has been one of my greatest pleasures. So it only feels natural to me starting up a brand sourcing the best quality combined with high craftsmanship and creating a product that is not only a garment to be worn but also a piece of art.
Growing up in Rome made me notice and appreciate this beauty, inside the churches, museums, even on the streets. I have developed a longing for quality and beauty that I want to express through my collection.
Timelessness, high craftsmanship, and the ability to last you through the years – those are things that fascinate me and that went into this production.
Good things are made to last and we are all about that. When I imagine my customer enjoying my garments, feeling the quality, appreciating the sensation of everything that went into the production of that singular piece; imagining their eyes lighting up and face softening – that’s what makes me ecstatic.
Just like seeing the Moses of Michelangelo on that random day in a random church on a random school trip.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

– Margaret Wolfe Hungerford